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What can be seen through the width of a pupil,

Jeonju city, SOUTH KOREA, 2016


Triggered by the false eyelashes I picked up from the red light district, I began the project in my contemplation of the accidentally narrowed distance between the site and myself, as well as a sex worker and me. Formally expanding the curves of the eyelashes, I made a long pathway that restrained viewers’ bodies through the passage, becoming a metaphor for the long history of oppression against women. The entrance begins from the low, narrow door of the pimp’s room, and the exit is the door of a ruined house of an individual.








If you enter 404km² in the search box on google, 


404km² is 0.4% of the Republic of Korea. (99,720km²)

404km² is equivalent to two-thirds of the area of ​​Seoul.(605km²)

404km² is the total land area of ​​the top 100 landowners in Korea.

           (Ministry of Government Administration and Home Affairs’)

404km² is the total land area(23,708.7km²) of the Nakdong River basin.

           (2008, Ministry of Environment,

           “Preparation of advanced water quality improvement measures and                 feasibility study”) 

404km² corresponds to the area of ​​kejimkujik National Park.(Canada).

404km² corresponds to the area of ​​Moheli National Marine Park.


404km² corresponds to the area of ​​Gantrisch National Park.(Switzerland).

404km² corresponds to the area of ​​Nelapattu Bird Sanctuary.(India)

​​404km² corresponds to the Espace Belledonne, northern protection 

           mountainous region. (France)


When you try to access broken pages, missing graphics, and some sites

that aren’t archived at all, the 404 error page (Error 404) appears.


The disappearing 404km² is (      ).






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